About Tag That Dog

Who is Tag That Dog? I don’t understand the question. Only being silly, of course I do. We’re a small family of both digital professionals and creatives, designers, engineers, the lot really.

We started Tag That Dog to provide a high quality service in a crowded marketplace where lots of people are trying to sell at the lowest price. Hence you’ll find many dog tags out there last about 5 minutes. Not the case with Tag That Dog solid brass dog ID tags.

Does that help? You just let me know if not, via the magic of our contact page.

Oh yea, we launched Tag That Dog to provide a more affordable range of Dog ID Tags than our premium Ten Year Tags, which we hand-fly press, using vintage aircraft manufacturing equipment and are able to guarantee for ten years.

What’s that? You want your Dog Name Tags to be guaranteed for ten years do you? Well head over to Ten Year Tags!



Tag That Dog Dog ID Tags