Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions that crop up around dog ID tags. We have an option or two to share 😉

Who are we ?

Who is Tag That Dog? I don’t understand the question. Only being silly, of course I do. We’re a small family of both digital professionals and creatives, designers, engineers, the lot really.

We started Tag That Dog to provide a high quality service in a crowded marketplace where lots of people are trying to sell at the lowest price. Hence you’ll find many dog tags out there last about 5 minutes. Not the case with Tag That Dog solid brass dog ID tags.

Does that help? You just let me know if not, via the magic of our contact page.



What Should I put on a Dog Tag?

There’s a question. We have an opinion about this one. There’s a dog tag law, which is a bit silly.

I have been told off for calling a law ‘silly’, but it is. If you want more information there’s a piece about on this dog name tag site about dog tag law the gist of it is that the Control of Dogs Order 1992 is out of date.

Obviously our, ahem, ‘Government’ is busy on other things at the moment, so lets not bother it about this for now.

You just put what you want on your Dog ID Tags.

We recommend your dog’s name – some people recommend against this – we don’t.

A mobile phone number is a good idea too of course and your address is fine usually, unless it’s a long address and the smallest dog id tag. However, even in that instance we will sort something out for you.



Why is Brass Good For Dog ID Tags?

THAT is the kind of question we like.

Brass has strong antimicrobial properties (it repels germs) It’s lovely and shiny out of the box, dulling stylishly and gracefully with age. Perfect dog tag material, as it’s not too heavy and engraves well, both clearly and deeply.

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