Paw Print Dog ID Tags


Make your mark with this classic paw print tag in the perfect, one size fits all 27mm size of solid brass. Deeply engraved. Your Tag That Dog Dog ID Tags are 1.5mm thick brass. No cheap nickel or weak, thin aluminium for us. Super-strong split ring included too of course!

This is ideal for your dog’s name on the front, your details on the other side.

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  • Ideally just your dog's or your family name, a phone number could fit, but would work better on the other side. Just let us know what though!

    Any other details you need, such as your address or any other contact details work great on this side, what with the pretty paw print on the front.

    Need more than one of this Dog ID Tag? Select how many you need below.

    If you need to order a tag for another dog just add this one to your basket first.

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